LDA Program

The O’Dell Studio Long-Distance Apprenticeship program is targeted toward aspiring creatives who are unable to study full-time in the studio, due to geographical location. The curriculum Rodney is using was designed to provide you with a level of mastery with comprehensive instruction. Students will be guided through rigorous skill-based training exercises to advance techniques in realism, with a focus on light, form, and Learning to navigate color space.

The O’Dell Studio Long-Distance Apprenticeship Program is divided into two categories: two years Drawing, and two years Painting. The curriculum was developed to encourage mastery of your own materials.

Topics covered within our program:

  • Understanding Your Materials: We start with an introduction to your materials and which techniques we employ. The first few exercises will guide you through a visual understanding of how to master proper technique from gripping a pencil to executing a confident line this introduction lays the groundwork for thorough understanding of draftsmanship, perceptual mechanisms, and effective troubleshooting.
  • Communication of Light and Form: Investigating fundamental forms such as spheres, cylinders, cones, and cubes; the artist learns how to visually communicate their concept. Carefully executed repetition exercises, intimately familiarize the artist with an extensive understanding of light and form. With this knowledge, the artist is able to visually connect with the viewer.
  • Advanced Techniques: The Long-Distance Apprenticeship final semester covers the complex concepts of visual communication, with the aim of producing masterfully performed artwork, and helping students achieve successful careers.

What is offered in the LDA program: Once you are accepted in the LDA program you will have access with Rodney, as he prepares drawing and painting exercises, weekly critiques, overlays.

  • Students will be able to submit exercises or creative projects for critique Monday – Friday. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Time zone differences will apply.
  • Every apprentice will have a one-hour Skype critique session when needed throughout the week.
  • All students will have access to our live stream demos with Q&A, coming soon.
  • In future, The O’Dell Studio will set up gallery exhibits for our students to showcase their work.
  • Apprentices will have the opportunity to come work alongside Rodney in his studio throughout the year when scheduling permits.
  • If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to fill the information form below.